• Q : Do we have to wear socks?

    • A : Yes. Everyone must wear socks, or you can purchase socks from us

      Q : Can Adults come alone?

    • A : No. You must be Accompanied with children or joining a group already inside the playcenter, for the safety and security of the children

      Q : Are adults allowed to play?

    • A : No. Adults are not allowed to play in our facility, although they are encouraged to assist their children on our play structures.

      Q : Can we leave our children with you and return for them later?

    • A : No, we are not a daycare facility, we are a parental supervised indoor playcenter open to the public.

      Q : Can I bring outside food?

    • A : No. We do not allow any outside food in our play area.

      Q : Can I enter the play area without signing a waiver?

    • A : No. You must sign a waiver before entering our play area.

      Q : Do you give discounts for special groups?

    • A : Yes, daycare groups, school and church groups, summer camps etc…

      Q : Is there free Wi-Fi available?

    • A : Yes, we offer free Wi-Fi service to our guests.

    Party FAQ

      Q : Can I book a party on your website?

    • A : You can make a party on our website; we will contact you within a reasonable time to confirm your reservation. Also, you can call us during our business hours or stop by to reserve your party in person.

      Q : Do you only cater for Birthday parties?

    • A : We cater not only for Birthday parties, but for all your celebrations. We have various packages and we also offer private parties before and after our normal business hours.

      Q : Do you require a deposit to reserve a party?

    • A : A 50% deposit is required to make a reservation; we accept credit cards or cash.

      Q : Can I bring my own food?

    • A : No outside food is permitted. However, in the case of food allergies, you may bring food to accommodate for your child.
      You will need to bring your own cake. No ice cream cake as we have no way of storing it.

      Q : Can I invite extra children than your package?

    • A : Yes, you will pay each additional child is $13 + tax(Mon~Thu) $18 + tax(Fri~Sun). Depending on the number of children attending and the initial package chosen.

      Q : Do you have refund policy?

    • A : Yes, If you cancel your party 90 days before the party date- full refund 89-8 days before the party date-half refund and you can reschedule to a future date. However, rescheduling will not reset the 30 day refund period. 7 days before the party date- no refund, no reschedule