• Newtopia is a totally cool way of celebrating your child’s birthday party.
      Throw the most memorable and enjoyable party ever without lifting a finger.
      A day for your child to be a superstar We have various packages available including the option of private parties.


    • Due to COVID-19, we have implemented several new policies. Please be sure to read our updated policies below.
    • SOCKS: In order to keep our facility as germ-free as possible, we are a socks-only facility. Every child and adult must wear socks in our facility. You may bring your own or purchase socks from Newtopia for $1.99 each.
    • MASKS: Newtopia no longer requires masks. But they are recommended.
    • NO OUTSIDE FOOD: Outside food and drinks are NOT allowed. (Cake and goodie bags allowed for parties only, NO ice cream cake) If your child has allergies, please contact our location for more information.
    • PARTY FOOD: Every child will be provided with one slice of pizza and one juice pouch. Additional food may be purchased from our café either before or on your party date.
    • ADDITIONAL PIZZA: All additional pizza and wings must be added 3 days before your party as we need to coordinate with Papa John’s ahead of time.
    • PARTY GUEST LIMITATIONS: : Every invited child may be accompanied by one adult.
    • ADDITIONAL CHILDREN: If your invited party guests(ages 1-12) exceeds your purchased package, additional children must be paid for. We may upgrade your package or charge $18 per child(Friday-Sunday), $13(Monday-Thursday)
    • NO OUTSIDE DECORATIONS ALLOWED: We have implemented a new sanitization and disinfecting routine. In order to make time to thoroughly clean party rooms after parties, we are not allowing personal decorations.
                 ○ Newtopia will provide all necessary party supplies free of charge (tablecloths, plates, napkins, and cutlery).
                 ○ All you need to bring is a non-refrigerated cake. You may bring balloons and goodie bags if you wish. No other outside food, drinks, or decorations are allowed.
    • 2 HOUR PARTY: Every party begins with 80 minutes of play time. Then you will be called into your party room for 40 minutes.            ○ In order to help control our limited occupancy, we are no longer offering unlimited play time to party guests after the party. All children and adult guests must leave after your party concludes.
    • DANCE PARTY: We have installed new lighting fixtures, speakers, and bubbles in each party room for an in-room private dance party experience!
    • PARTY HOST: You will be assigned a knowledgeable and experienced party host who will take care of your entire party. Your party host will set up your party room, clean up after the party is over, and take gifts into your party room. They will also help serve pizza and cake if you wish.
            ● In order to receive a full refund, you must cancel your party at least 90 days before your party.
            ● In order to receive a half refund of the paid amount, you must cancel your party 89-8 days before the party date.
            ● If you cancel 7 days or less before your party date, you will receive no refund.
            ● You may reschedule your party to any date between your original party date and a year from that date, based on our availability. Please contact our location for more information.

      Newtopia’s refund policy applies in ALL circumstances including those outside of our control. This includes COVID-19, natural disasters, and any other unforeseen circumstances or situations.

      Newtopia reserves the right to change or modify any policies at any time.
    • 80 min play time and 40 min party room time

      Hero (Avengers) and Princess decorations (optional)

      Free juice pouch and a slice of pizza for all kids

      One free admission pass for the birthday child

      Set up and clean up assistance

      Laser bubble dance

      No ice cream cake or outside food and drinks

      Private parties are available before, after, or during business hours

      Experienced party host to help you through your entire party experience

      Socks and masks required


    Option Pricing
    Weekdays Weekends/Holidays Private Party
    (Mon – Thurs) (Fri – Sun) Please Call
    Up to 10 kids $159.99 + tax $229.99 + tax $450 + tax
    Up to 15 kids $239.99 + tax $299.99 + tax $599 + tax
    Up to 20 kids $319.99 + tax $379.99 + tax $699 + tax
    • * Each Additional Child is $13(Mon.~Thur.) / $18(Fri.~Sun.) + tax
    Party Food and Option

    Large Cheese or one topping Pizza (10 Slices) $14.49 + tax
    Large (upto 3 toppings) Pizza (10 Slices) $18.49 + tax
    French Fries $3.29 + tax
    Chicken Nuggets (10pc / 15pc) $6.99 + tax / $9.99 + tax
    Chicken Wings (8pc / 15pc) $12 + tax / $20 + tax
    Large 1 topping Pizza and (8) wings combo $23 + tax
    Large 1 topping Pizza and (10) nuggets combo $18.99 + tax
    Large 3 topping Pizza and (8) wings combo $27 + tax
    Large 3 topping Pizza and (10) nuggets combo $22.99 + tax
    Dippin Dot Ice-cream cups(5oz) $3.75 + tax
    Goody Bags $5.00 + tax

    • You must sign a digital waiver before entering our play area. NO EXCEPTIONS.

      Everyone must wear socks in the play area.

      No food, drinks or ice cream is allowed in the play area. NO EXCEPTIONS.

      Minors must be accompanied by an adult. Parental supervision required. No drop offs. Do not leave your child unattended.

      No rough play or fighting allowed.

      Please respect the equipment, soft equipment and others.

      No weapons, sharp objects, or glass are allowed within our facility.

      For safety reasons, NEWTOPIA staff reserves the right to refuse admittance to a child if the number of children exceeds the legal capacity of our facility.

      Use of our center is at your own risk.

      We are not responsible for loss, theft or damage of your property. Do not leave valuables or personal belongings unattended.

      We do have parties back to back all day, especially on weekends. As you will be playing for the first 80 minutes and going into the party room for the last 40 minutes keep in mind that your room might not be available until after your party has started.

      You will bring in your own cake. No ice cream cake as we have no way of storing it. You will bring your own candles and cake cutter.

      The last 40 minutes in a party room is the end of the party. If NEWTOPIA is still operating, within normal business hours, it is permissible to allow the children to play longer. Please be mindful of allowing your children to jump after pizza and cake as this can induce vomiting. Please notify us as soon as possible if that happens.

      The party room is typically unavailable to decorate upon arriving; usually the party room starts getting decorated 30 minutes into the party. If you wish to extend the time of your party, it is an additional $40 for 20 minutes and needs to be booked with the party. Based ONLY on availability.

      If you cancel your party: 90 days before the party date- full refund 89-8 days before the party date-half refund and you can reschedule to a future date. However, rescheduling will not reset the 30 day refund period. 7 days before the party date- no refund, no reschedule

      Definition of a private party: you will have exclusive use of play area and party room. People from the previous party may still remain in one of party rooms and walk through the play area as they exit the building. Availability of a private party needs to be inquired by contacting us. We have limited private party spots available and the private party starts before or after our normal business hours.

      50% deposit is required to make a reservation for party and the remaining balance is due at arrrival. We accept Visa, Mastercard, or cash.